Our Vision

Our vision comprises of evolving a patent that carves out its own distinctive way as an authentic entity in a class of its own.

our vision

Our Mission

We are dedicated to sculpt young entrepreneurs by polishing their skills, enabling them to surface as independently contributing memebers of the society, and showing them the path to 'Rizq-e-Halal' effectively and essentially.

Our Passion

We aspire to hone and polish a person's skills and achievements so that he overcomes all internal and external pressures and surfaces as a confident and successful enterpreneur, in his own persona as well as an effectually contributing member to the social area around him.


Our Values

  • Integrity: both in our outlook as well as in deliverance of our mission.
  • Precision in thought and action
  • Commitment to our cause and undertaking
  • An Untiring Endeavor to Excellence, a trait we consciously strive to observe as well as pass on to our students to take forward as torchbearers of our passion and mission.


Blank Slate envisions my passion to eradicate illiteracy from Pakistan, empower our talented youth with practical knowledge and training of IT and eventually enable them to write their own success stories, unleashing their God gifted potential to the maximum.

Talha Mughal