The AWS Solution Architect is one of the most sought after certifications in the IT industry today. The average salary of an employee also increases after they have obtained the AWS Solution Architect Exam. Hence this certification is looked upon as the crown jewels of certifications. This Course is designed to help students pass their AWS Solution Architect Exam. This course has an in-depth look into all of the essential AWS services and how they work together.

What You`ll Learn on This Section

  • Introduction to Linux
  • Linux Distributions
  • Amazon Linux 2
  • Linux Essential Commands
  • Administrative Privileges

    • What is IAM
    • Purpose of IAM?
    • IAM User Management
    • Polices and Role in IAM
    • Identity and Access Management Lab

    • Difference between S3, EBS, EFS and FSx
    • S3 Overview
    • S3 Storage Tiers/Classes and Transfer Acceleration with Lab
    • S3 Versioning, Security, Encryptions and Lifecycle Management rules with Labs
    • S3 Cross Region Replication and Cloud Front with Lab
    • AWS Snowball, Snowmobile and Storage Gateway

    • EC2 Overview and different instance purchasing options with Lab
    • Security Group and Type of EBS Volume with Lab
    • EBS Volume, Snapshot, AMI and Encryption with Lab
    • Bootstrapping, instance metadata, Load Balancer and Auto scaling with Lab

    • Cloud Watch Overview, Events, matrix, Logs and Alarms with Lab
    • EFS and FSx overview
    • Elastic File system and FSx Lab
    • Types of Placement Group
    • Deployment of Static Website using GitHub Lab
    • Deployment of Website using S3 Lab

    • Overview of Route53
    • Record sets in route53 with Lab
    • Domain Registration and Transfer
    • Route53 Routing Polices for Traffic
    • Continue...

    • Relational and Non-Relational databases Overview
    • Relational Database attached with ec2 Lab
    • Multi AZ and Read Replicas with Lab
    • Elastic cache, Redshift, Kinesis and Backup of Databases

    • VPC Overview
    • Default VPC and Public, Private Subnet
    • VPC NACl, Route Table, Internet Gateway with Lab

    • VPC Peering with Lab
    • VPC NAT Gateway and Bastion Host Lab
    • VPC Endpoint with Lab
    • VPC with CLI Lab
    • VPC Flow Logs with Lab

    • SQS Overview and types of SQS with Lab
    • Simple Notification service with Lab
    • AWS SWF

    • AWS GuardDuty
    • AWS WAF
    • AWS Inspector
    • AWS Trusted Advisor

    • AWS Cognito
    • AWS SSO

    • AWS Lambda with Lab
    • AWS API Gateway with Lab

    • AWS Elastic Beanstalk with Lab
    • AWS Cloud Formation with Lab
    • AWS CodePipeline with Lab

Who This Course is for

This module is for someone who has some experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,Linux but you don’t need to be an expert.


  • Classes: Weekend
  • Course Duration: 3 months
  • Class Duration: 2 hours
  • 20+ Assignments
  • 100+ challenges
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